Get your employees to excel at corporate Trainings & Courses

Aspirly enables you to gamify your corporate trainings and increase your employees’ ability to retain skills, turning them into instant ROCK STARS.

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Training your employees is the #1 way to enhance their skills and increase their productivity.

However, sometimes trainings can be a bit… too long.
Or a bit too dry.

And as a result…
• Your employees become disengaged • They lose focus easily
• And they forget the material as soon as the training is over

Our platform will help your employees to easily learn & engage with your corporate training and courses!

Here’s how it works


Set missions for your employees to make their training more competitive & motivating.


Build a learning journey for your employees by creating different levels.


Give badges to employees and increase the desire to learn faster & perform better.


Reward employees for the content they’ve learned with prizes of their choosing!


Set targets to your employees to aim for. Hours, days, chapters, scores… it’s up to you!


Improve results by letting players see leaderboards that boost desire to learn more.


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