Engage your support team & increase Customer Satisfaction

Aspirly enables you to gamify your customer support team’s workflow and get them highly motivated and eager to perform at their best!

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Your customer support team is the face of your company.

If your service and support teams experience high turnover and lack motivation, your customers will know it.

And that can cause you quite a lot of challenges:
• Decreased customer satisfaction • Increased refund rates
• Bad reputation and ratings

Our platform will skyrocket your support team’s engagement, motivation, and performance!

Here’s how it works


Create championships made up of a series of rounds where all race against each other and get points for their performance.


Organize matches where the winner advances ahead to play against other high performers until there’s only one left.


Build different levels and see user progress based on their current and previous accomplishments.


Set custom missions for your teams to complete and increase competitiveness between teams or teammates. .


Build badge programs and visualize each employee’s progress to create a competitive vibe.


Improve results by letting players see leaderboards that boost their desire to perform better.


Aspirly for support teams

Aspirly for support teams

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