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Friendly competitions are one of the best ways to increase your team’s productivity and engagement.

When done correctly they involve the entire team, rather than just the top performers, since all team members can earn rewards, badges, and points.

Competitions such as Contests, Leagues, Championships and Tournaments help engage employees and drive a high-performance culture.

Top performers get rewarded and recognized for their achievements, speed, and other criteria set by you.

Competitions provide a way to measure success in real time (through leaderboards) against colleagues in an objective way.

Using Aspirly and applying gamification principles into your workflow is a great way

to introduce that competitive spark into your office.

Here’s how it works


Get to run contests between teams and individuals that will help you motivate them to perform better.


Create championships made up of a series of rounds where all employees compete and get points for their speed of user adoption.


Organize matches where the winner advances ahead to play against other high performers until there’s only one left.


Set up leagues and schedule matches between different teams or individual players that get the winners points.


Allows employees to choose their opponents and showcase their skills while contending to become the top performer.


Track individual or company records for a given activity or your most important KPI’s.


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