Boost your company’s growth by incentivizing your employees with
scores, badges, rewards and challenges!

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Giving your employees the sense of achievement is a powerful way to increase their engagement and get the best out of your workforce.

Knowing that an achievement is possible for your employees and others like them makes them more likely to think that they’re capable of reaching it.

The completion of goals leads to increased satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased performance within the same activities.

Viewing the achievements and badges earned by other employees is a convenient way to for benchmarking and staying motivated.

Earning social recognition in the form of badges and points increases the sense of pride and motivates individuals to keep up to their established rank.

Aspirly will equip you and your team with all the tools and features you need to make

your employees strive to be the best versions of themselves.

Here’s how it works


Set up your own custom missions and goals for teams to complete. Increase collaboration between teammates see progress over time.


Set time-based or achievement-based milestones. Unlocked milestones are then visualized on the player’s profile or on your office TVs.


Build different levels and see user progress based on their current and previous accomplishments.


You get to set daily, weekly, monthly targets on individual or team level and track achievements.


Track individual or company records for a given activity of KPI.


Give badges to employees and increase the desire to achieve more & perform better.


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